We are specialized in product development.

Custom Product Development, Digitalization,
Your Vision, Our Expertise.

With a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a drive for excellence, we thrive in the fast-paced world of startups.

Hermex Product Development

Our team excels in the realm of startup product development, showcasing a remarkable ability to transform innovative ideas into tangible, market-ready solutions. Our collaborative approach fosters a culture of innovation, where diverse skill sets come together to design, build, and refine products that not only meet but exceed market expectations.

We know that getting products to market fast is important, and we have efficient processes to make sure we do that. Most importantly, we love coming up with new ideas and finding ways to make them successful for startups.

Clean Software Development

Clean Code

Clean Code refers to the art of writing beautiful code and it’s the kind of code that is clean, maintainable, reveals the intent, reduces the guess work, and reads like a story.

Clean Architecture

Clean Architecture is a set of practices used to create modern software architecture that is simple, understandable, flexible, testable, and maintainable.

Clean Design

Clean Design removes distractions, focuses on the content, and the most important action. Customers do not want to feel overwhelmed or distracted.

Clean Agile

Agile is a feedback-driven approach. Each week, day and hour is driven by looking at the results of previous week and then making the appropriate adjustments.

Why Hermex?

13 Years: Building Excellence Through Experience

  • Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technology: React and .NET
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architecture Expertise
  • Exceptional Support
  • Accelerated Development with Lean Methodology
  • Embracing Agility

Solved Use Cases

Intranet Banking

A secure platform designed to enable authorized access to, as well as sharing of, information, applications, and resources exclusively within the bank's network.

  • Use Case 01.

Telemedicine - Web Dicom Viewer

A digital platform that enables the exchange of patient X-ray files among medical professionals, facilitating consultations and collaborative diagnoses.

  • Use Case 02.

Clinic Management

A platform designed to manage electronic patient records within the clinic, accompanied by a scheduling system for patient appointments.

  • Use Case 03.

Online Music Platform

A platform tailored to meet the needs of music creators by enabling them to publish their compositions, and listeners to discover and enjoy a wide range of songs.

  • Use Case 04.

Crowdfunding Printing E-commerce

An e-commerce platform that combines crowdfunding and printing services, empowering creators to bring their ideas to life through community-backed projects.

  • Use Case 05.

Blockchain E-commerce

A comprehensive platform facilitating e-commerce transactions using blockchain technology, ensuring secure and transparent online shopping experiences.

  • Use Case 06.
Work Process

How do we work?

The process of converting your idea into a concrete product involves several essential stages.

Bring you Idea

Present your idea to our company.

Analyze and Implement

Analyze the idea, employing industry best practices and the latest technology for its implementation.

Launch your Product

Lauch your product and commence generating profits.